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» Coconut oil
Coconut oil

Organic Extra virgin coconut oil. Origin island of Niau (Tuamotu, French Polynesia).


NIAU Organic® Extra Virgin coconut oil is a multi-use product. You can integrate our Organic Extra virgin coconut oil as a food supplement, cooking oil or in your daily beauty ritual. In order to obtain the purest, clearest oil with the lowest risk of oxidation, the NIAU Organic® team harvests the coconuts every day. In the Fare hinu (oil production laboratory) the coconuts are opened and grated in order to reduce the almond in the form of fresh pulp. This is immediately pressed to obtain milk. It is this fresh coconut milk and thanks to a technical cold centrifugation process and unique know-how that we obtain this premium Extra Virgin coconut oil labeled by a triple organic certification (European organic label, USDA Organic and Bio pacifika) which is unique in French Polynesia since 2017.

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